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Physiological plasticity in lizard embryos exposed to high-altitude hypoxia. Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological and Integrative Physiology

Cordero GA, Andersson BA, Souchet J, Micheli G, Noble DWA, Gangloff EJ, Uller T, Aubret F 2017

Changes in isotopic signatures suggest food web shift off the western Antarctic Peninsula. The 12th International Mammalogical Congress, Perth Western Australia,

Rogers TL, Marquez M, Negrete J, Slip D, O'Connell T 2017

Plankton supports the majority of fish biomass on temperate rocky reefs. Marine Biology 164(4)

Truong L, Suthers IM, Cruz DO, Smith JA 2017

The central role of mean-variance relationships in the analysis of multivariate abundance data: a response to Roberts (2017). Methods in Ecology and Evolution 8(11):1408-1414

Warton DI, Hui FKC 2017

Ontogenetic shift toward stronger, tougher silk of a web-building, cave-dwelling spider. Journal of Zoology 01 Jan 2017

Piorkowski D, Blamires SJ, Doran NE, Liao CP, Wu CL, Tso IM. 2017

Direct and indirect effects of different types of microplastics on freshwater prey (Corbicula fluminea) and their predator (Acipenser transmontanus). PLoS ONE 12(11):01 Nov 2017

Rochman CM, Parnis JM, Browne MA, Serrato S, Reiner EJ, Robson M, Young T, Diamond ML, Teh SJ 2017

Tolerance rather than competition leads to spatial dominance of an Antarctic bryozoan. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 486:222-229

Clark GF, Stark JS, Johnston EL 2017

Uncovering hidden heterogeneity: Geo-statistical models illuminate the fine scale effects of boating infrastructure on sediment characteristics and contaminants. Marine Pollution Bulletin 119(2):143-150

Hedge LH, Dafforn KA, Simpson SL, Johnston EL 2017

Introduced and native herbivores have different effects on plant composition in low productivity ecosystems. Applied Vegetation Science

Travers SK, Eldridge DJ, Dorrough J, Val J, Oliver I 2017

Divide and conquer? Size adjustment with allometry and intermediate outcomes. BMC Biology 15(1):09 Nov 2017

Nakagawa S, Kar F, O'Dea RE, Pick JL, Lagisz M 2017