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Family living sets the stage for cooperative breeding and ecological resilience in birds. PLoS Biology 15(6)

Griesser M, Drobniak SM, Nakagawa S, Botero CA 2017

Positive and negative interactions control a facilitation cascade. Ecosphere 8(12)

Gribben PE, Kimbro DL, Verges A, Gouhier TC, Burrel S, Garthwin RG, Cagigas ML, Tordoff Y, Poore AGB 2017

Using calls as an indicator for Antarctic blue whale occurrence and distribution across the southwest Pacific and southeast Indian Oceans. Marine Mammal Science 33(1):172-186

Balcazar NE, Klinck H, Nieukirk SL, Mellinger DK, Klinck K, Dziak RP, Rogers TL 2017

Graphical diagnostics for occupancy models with imperfect detection. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 8(4):408-419

Warton DI, Stoklosa J, Guillera-Arroita G, MacKenzie DI, Welsh AH 2017

Frequent inundation helps counteract land use impacts on wetland propagule banks. Applied Vegetation Science 20(3):459-467

Dawson SK, Kingsford RT, Berney P, Keith DA, Hemmings FA, Warton DI, Waters C, Catford JA 2017