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Multispecies presence and connectivity around a designed artificial reef. Marine and Freshwater Research 68(8):1489-1500

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Ontogenetic timing as a condition-dependent life history trait: High-condition males develop quickly, peak early, and age fast. Evolution 71(3):671-685

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An assessment of the current usage of ecological engineering and reconciliation ecology in managing alterations to habitats in urban estuaries. Ecological Engineering 01 Jan 2017

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Assessing national biodiversity trends for rocky and coral reefs through the integration of citizen science and scientific monitoring programs. BioScience 67(2):134-146

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Microbial richness and composition independently drive soil multifunctionality. Functional Ecology 31(12):2330-2343

Delgado-Baquerizo M, Trivedi P, Trivedi C, Eldridge DJ, Reich PB, Jeffries TC, Singh BK 2017

Integrated modelling to support decision-making for marine social-ecological systems in Australia. ICES JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE 74(9):2298-2308

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Meta-evaluation of meta-analysis: Ten appraisal questions for biologists. BMC Biology 15(1)

Nakagawa S, Noble DWA, Senior AM, Lagisz M 2017

Coprophagy in Dunnocks (Prunella modularis): A Frequent Behavior in Females, Infrequent in Males, and Very Unusual in Nestlings. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 129(3):615-620

Lamb SD, Taylor HR, Holtmann B, Santos ESA, Tamayo JH, Johnson SL, Nakagawa S, Lara CE 2017

Why does the rate of signal production in ectotherms vary with temperature? Behavioral Ecology 28(5):1272-1282

Ord TJ, Stamps JA 2017