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Integrated approach to determining stock structure: implications for fisheries management of sardine, Sardinops sagax, in Australian waters. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 27(1):267-284

Izzo C, Ward TM, Ivey AR, Suthers IM, Stewart J, Sexton SC, Gillanders BM 2017

Mathematical models for the epidemiology and evolution of mycobacterium tuberculosis. Adv Exp Med Biol.1019:281-307 01 Jan 2017

Pečerska J, Wood J, Tanaka MM, Stadler T 2017

Seedling response to environmental variability: The relationship between phenotypic plasticity and evolutionary history in closely related Eucalyptus species. American Journal of Botany 104(6):840-857

Rutherford S, Bonser SP, Wilson PG, Rossetto M 2017

A remarkable new plant bug genus and species (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Miridae, Deraocorinae) from the Australian wet tropics. Zootaxa 4232(1):123-130

Hosseini R, Cassis G 2017

Intraspecific leaf trait variability along a boreal-to-tropical community diversity gradient. PLoS ONE 12(2):01 Feb 2017

Bastias CC, Fortunel C, Valladares F, Baraloto C, Benavides R, Cornwell W, Markesteijn L, De Oliveira AA, Sansevero JBB, Vaz MC et al 2017

Aridity Decouples C:N:P Stoichiometry Across Multiple Trophic Levels in Terrestrial Ecosystems. Ecosystems 1-10

Delgado-Baquerizo M, Eldridge DJ, Maestre FT, Ochoa V, Gozalo B, Reich PB, Singh BK 2017

Corrigendum: The Coral Trait Database, a curated database of trait information for coral species from the global oceans (vol 3, 160017, 2016). SCIENTIFIC DATA 4:1 page Article number ARTN 170174

Madin JS, Anderson KD, Andreasen MH, Bridge TCL, Cairns SD, Connolly SR, Darling ES, Diaz M, Falster DS, Franklin EC et al 2017

Impacts of bleach on bryozoans: A framework to distinguish direct and indirect effects using chemical and physical manipulations. Science of the Total Environment 599-600:58-67

Mayer-Pinto M 2017

Sexual selection for genetic compatibility: The role of the major histocompatibility complex on cryptic female choice in Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha). Heredity 118(5):442-452

Gessner C, Nakagawa S, Zavodna M, Gemmell NJ 2017

Global patterns in the effects of predator declines on sea urchins. Ecography 40(9):1029-1039

Sheppard-Brennand H, Dworjanyn SA, Poore AGB 2017