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'Improving the analysis of dinoflagellate phylogeny based on rDNA', Protist, vol. 156, pp. 269 - 286

Murray, SA, Flo Jorgensen, M, Ho, SYW, Patterson, DJ & Jermiin, LS 2005

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Gray, R, Canfield, P & Rogers, T 2005

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Uehara, S, Syahailatua, A & Suthers, IM 2005

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Wroe, S, McHenry, C & Thomason, J 2005

'Reproductive ageing and sexual selection on male body size in a wild population of antler flies (Protopiophila litigata)', Journal of Evolutionary Biology, vol. 18, pp. 1332 - 1340

Bonduriansky, R & Brassil, CE 2005

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Lindholm, AK, Breden, F, Alexander, H, Chan, W, Thakurta, S & Brooks, RC 2005

'Individual variation of in-air female 'pup contact' calls in Weddell seals, Leptonychotes weddellii', Behaviour, vol. 142, pp. 167 - 189

Collins, KT, Rogers, T, Terhune, JM, McGreevy, PD, Wheatley, KE & Harcourt, RG 2005

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'Bottom feeding plesiosaurs', Science, vol. 310, pp. 75

McHenry, C, Cook, A & Wroe, S 2005

'Sexual selection, genetic architecture, and the condition dependence of body shape in the sexually dimorphic fly, Prochyliza xanthostoma (Diptera: Piophilidae)', Evolution, vol. 59, pp. 138 - 151

Bonduriansky, R & Rowe, L 2005