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Transparency in ecology and evolution: real problems, real solutions. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. 31:711-719

Parker, T., Forstemier, F., Koricheva, J. Hadfield, J. D., Kelly, C., Chee, Y. E., Gurevitch, J. & Nakagawa, S. 2016

Examining the temporal structure and information entropy of leopard seal calling bouts. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 140(4): 3238-3238.

Buck, J. R. and T. L. Rogers 2016

Mapping individual tree health using full-waveform airborne laser scans and imaging spectroscopy: A case study for a floodplain eucalypt forest. Remote Sensing of Environment 187: 202-217.


Shendryk, I., M. Broich, M. G. Tulbure, A. McGrath, D. Keith and S. V. Alexandrov 2016

Contaminant cocktails: Interactive effects of fertiliser and copper paint on marine invertebrate recruitment and mortality. Marine pollution bulletin. 106(1), 148–159.


Lawes, J. C., Clark, G. F., & Johnston, E. L. 2016

The nutritional geometry of parental effects: Maternal and paternal macronutrient consumption and offspring phenotype in a neriid fly. Functional Ecology

Bonduriansky R, Runagall-Mcnaull A, Crean AJ 2016

Safety in numbers: the dilution effect and other drivers of group life in the face of danger. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 70(4):449-458

Lehtonen J, Jaatinen K 2016

Promoting transparency in evolutionary biology and ecology. Systematic Botany 41(3)

Smith JF, Parker TH, Nakagawa S, Gurevitch J 2016

Four new species, first Australian records and review of the Phorticine genus Rhamphocoris, and key to Genera and review of Australian Nabidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Nabidae). Entomologica Americana 122(1):169-198

Cassis G 2016

The interplay between habitat structure and chemical contaminants on biotic responses of benthic organisms. PeerJ 2016(5)

Mayer-Pinto M, Matias MG, Coleman RA 2016

Taking the elephant out of the room and into the corridor: can urban corridors work? ORYX 1-7

Adams TSF, Chase MJ, Rogers TL, Leggett KEA 2016