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Sexual Conflict, Facultative Asexuality, and the True Paradox of Sex. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 32(9):646-652

Burke NW, Bonduriansky R 2017

Some problems and practicalities in design and interpretation of samples of microplastic waste. Analytical Methods 9(9):1332-1345

Underwood AJ, Chapman MG, Browne MA 2017

The roles of sea-ice, light and sedimentation in structuring shallow antarctic benthic communities. PLoS ONE 12(1):01 Jan 2017

Clark GF, Stark JS, Palmer AS, Riddle MJ, Johnston EL 2017

Effects of ocean sprawl on ecological connectivity: impacts and solutions. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 492:7-30

Bishop MJ, Mayer-Pinto M, Airoldi L, Firth LB, Morris RL, Loke LHL, Hawkins SJ, Naylor LA, Coleman RA, Chee SY et al. 2017

Competition drives the response of soil microbial diversity to increased grazing by vertebrate herbivores. Ecology 98(7):1922-1931

Eldridge DJ, Delgado-Baquerizo M, Travers SK, Val J, Oliver I, Hamonts K, Singh BK 2017

Does urbanization affect predation of bird nests? A meta-analysis. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 5(APR)

Vincze E, Seress G, Lagisz M, Nakagawa S, Dingemanse NJ, Sprau P 2017

The coefficient of determination R<sup>2</sup>and intra-class correlation coefficient from generalized linear mixed-effects models revisited and expanded. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 14(134)

Nakagawa S, Johnson PCD, Schielzeth H 2017

Gliding lizards use the position of the sun to enhance social display

Klomp DA, Stuart-Fox D, Das I, Ord TJ 2017

Spatial distribution patterns in South American in-shore dolphins. The 54th Australian Marine Science Association (AMSA) Annual Conference, Darwin, NT, Australia

Álvarez R, Rogers TL 2017

Floodplain habitat is disproportionately important for bats in a large river basin. Biological Conservation 215:1-10

Blakey RV, Kingsford RT, Law BS, Stoklosa J 2017