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House sparrows. Current Biology. 26: R1171-1173

Nakagawa, S., & Pick, J. L 2016

Evidence of a developing Polynya off Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica, triggered by grounding of iceberg. The Cryosphere Discussions.

Fogwill, C., E. van Sebille, E. A. Cougnon, C. S. M. Turney, S. R. Rintoul, G. F. Clark, E. Marzinelli, E. B. Rainsley and L. Carter 2016

Surface water extent dynamics from three decades of seasonally continuous Landsat time series at subcontinental scale in a semi-arid region. Remote Sensing of Environment 178: 142-157.

Tulbure, M. G., M. Broich, S. V. Stehman and A. Kommareddy 2016

The masculinity paradox: Facial masculinity and beardedness interact to determine women's ratings of men's facial attractiveness. Journal of Evolutionary Biology DOI: 10.1111/jeb.12958

Dixson BJW, Sulikowski D, Gouda-Vossos A, Rantala MJ, Brooks RC 2016
Improving consumption rate estimates by incorporating wild activity into a bioenergetics model. Ecology and Evolution 6(8):2262-2274
Brodie S, Taylor MD, Smith JA, Suthers IM, Gray CA, Payne NL 2016

Population differentiation and behavioural association of the two 'personality' genes DRD4 and SERT in dunnocks (Prunella modularis). Molecular Ecology 25(3):706-722

Holtmann B, Grosser S, Lagisz M, Johnson SL, Santos ESA, Lara CE, Robertson BC, Nakagawa S 2016

Plant bugs, plant interactions and the radiation of a species rich clade in south-Western Australia: Naranjakotta, gen. nov. and eighteen new species (Insecta:Heteroptera:Miridae:Orthotylinae) Invertebrate Systematics 30(2):95-186

Cassis G, Symonds C 2016

Biotic communities cannot mitigate the negative effects of grazing on multiple ecosystem functions and services in an arid shrubland. Plant and Soil 401(1-2):381-395

Zhang J, Eldridge DJ, Delgado-Baquerizo M 2016

Understanding the Spatial Scale of Genetic Connectivity at Sea: Unique Insights from a Land Fish and a Meta-Analysis. PLoS One 11(5):e0150991

Cooke GM, Schlub TE, Sherwin WB, Ord TJ 2016

Nonparametric Estimation of the Number of Drug Users in Hong Kong Using Repeated Multiple Lists. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics 58(1):1-13

Huggins RM, Yip PSF, Stoklosa J 2016