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Does plant size affect growth responses to water availability at glacial, modern and future CO2 concentrations? Ecological Research 31(2):213-227

Liu J-C, Temme AA, Cornwell WK, van Logtestijn RSP, Aerts R, Cornelissen JHC 2016

Dispersal and climate warming determine range shift in model reptile populations. Ecological Modelling 328:34-43

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Fish Movement Through an Estuary Mouth Is Related to Tidal Flow. Estuaries and Coasts 39(4):1199-1207

Becker A, Holland M, Smith JA, Suthers IM 2016

Surface water extent dynamics from three decades of seasonally continuous Landsat time series at subcontinental scale in a semi-arid region. Remote Sensing of Environment 178:142-157

Tulbure MG, Broich M, Stehman SV, Kommareddy A 2016

Prey Luring Coloration of A Nocturnal Semi-Aquatic Predator. Ethology 122(8):671-681

Tso IM, Zhang S, Tan WL, Peng P, Blamires SJ 2016

Phenotypes optimized for early-life reproduction exhibit faster somatic deterioration with age, revealing a latent cost of high condition. Journal of Evolutionary Biology

Adler MI, Telford M, Bonduriansky R 2016

Rethinking the Role of Salps in the Ocean. Trends Ecol Evol 31(9):720-733

Henschke N, Everett JD, Richardson AJ, Suthers IM 2016

Controlled fire use in early humans might have triggered the evolutionary emergence of tuberculosis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113(32):9051-9056 09 Aug 2016

Chisholm RH, Trauer JM, Curnoe D, Tanaka MM 2016

Promoting transparency in evolutionary biology, ecology and ornithology. The Auk: Ornithological Advances. 133:779-782

Parker, T. H., Nakagawa, S., Gurevitch, J. & IIEE Workshop Participants (including O'Dea R. E.) 2016

Zooplankton are not fish: Improving zooplankton realism in size-spectrum models mediates energy transfer in food webs. Frontiers in Marine Science 3(Oct).

Heneghan, R. F., J. D. Everett, J. L. Blanchard and A. J. Richardson 2016