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Genetic rescue increases fitness and AIDS rapid recovery of an endangered marsupial population. Nature Communications 8(1)

Weeks AR, Heinze D, Perrin L, Stoklosa J, Hoffmann AA, Van Rooyen A, Kelly T, Mansergh I 2017

Variational Approximations for Generalized Linear Latent Variable Models. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 26(1):35-43

Hui FKC, Warton DI, Ormerod JT, Haapaniemi V, Taskinen S 2017

Persistent effect of sex ratios on relationship quality and life satisfaction. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 372(1729):

Grosjean P, Brooks RC 2017

Building ‘blue’: An eco-engineering framework for foreshore developments. Journal of Environmental Management 189:109-114

Mayer-Pinto M, Johnston EL, Bugnot AB, Glasby TM, Airoldi L, Mitchell A, Dafforn KA 2017

Are litter decomposition and fire linked through plant species traits? New Phytologist 01 Jan 2017

Cornelissen JHC, Grootemaat S, Verheijen LM, Cornwell WK, van Bodegom PM, van der Wal R, Aerts R 2017

Biocrust morphology is linked to marked differences in microbial community composition. Plant and Soil 1-11

Chilton AM, Neilan BA, Eldridge DJ 2017

Latitudinal and ontogenetic variation in the diet of a pelagic mesopredator (Pomatomus saltatrix), assessed with a classification tree analysis. Marine Biology 164(4)

Schilling HT, Hughes JM, Smith JA, Everett JD, Stewart J, Suthers IM 2017

Deimatism: A neglected component of antipredator defence. Biology Letters 13(4)

Umbers KDL, De Bona S, White TE, Lehtonen J, Mappes J, Endler JA 2017

Family living sets the stage for cooperative breeding and ecological resilience in birds. PLoS Biology 15(6)

Griesser M, Drobniak SM, Nakagawa S, Botero CA 2017

Positive and negative interactions control a facilitation cascade. Ecosphere 8(12)

Gribben PE, Kimbro DL, Verges A, Gouhier TC, Burrel S, Garthwin RG, Cagigas ML, Tordoff Y, Poore AGB 2017