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Review of Underwater and In-Air Sounds Emitted by Australian and Antarctic Marine Mammals. Acoustics Australia 45(2):179-241

Erbe C, Dunlop R, Jenner KCS, Jenner MNM, McCauley RD, Parnum I, Parsons M, Rogers T, Salgado-Kent C 2017

The colour of paternity: extra-pair paternity in the wild Gouldian finch does not appear to be driven by genetic incompatibility between morphs. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 30(1):174-190

Bolton PE, Rollins LA, Brazill-Boast J, Kim KW, Burke T, Griffith SC 2017

Biodiversity redistribution under climate change: Impacts on ecosystems and human well-being. Science 355(6332)

Pecl GT, Araújo MB, Bell JD, Blanchard J, Bonebrake TC, Chen IC, Clark TD, Colwell RK, Danielsen F, Evengård B, Verges A et al. 2017

Hand feeding can periodically fuel a major portion of bull shark energy requirements at a provisioning site in Fiji. Animal Conservation

Brunnschweiler JM, Payne NL, Barnett A 2017

The PIT-trap — A “model-free” bootstrap procedure for inference about regression models with discrete, multivariate responses. PLoS ONE 12(7)

Warton DI, Thibaut L, Wang YA 2017

Clarity of objectives and working principles enhances the success of biomimetic programs. Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 12(5):11

Wolff JO, Wells D, Reid CR, Blamires SJ 2017

Allometry in the terminal velocity - Dispersal architecture relationship explains variation in dispersal and offspring provisioning strategies in wind dispersed Asteraceae species. Australian Journal of Botany 65(2):149-156

Tabassum S, Bonser SP 2017

Phylogenetic reclassification and genitalic morphology of the small water strider genus Nesidovelia Andersen & Weir and allied Microveliinae (Hemiptera:Veliidae). Austral Entomology 01 Jan 2017

Cassis G, Hodgins M, Weir TA, Tatarnic NJ 2017

Anew metric to assess the predictive accuracy of multinomial land cover models. Journal of Biogeography 44(6):1212-1224

Douma JC, Cornwell WK, van Bodegom PM 2017

Termite effects on soils and plants are generally consistent along a gradient in livestock grazing. Arid Land Research and Management 31(2):159-168

Fallah M, Farzam M, Hosseini V, Moravej G, Eldridge DJ 2017