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Genetic rescue increases fitness and AIDS rapid recovery of an endangered marsupial population. Nature Communications 8(1)

Weeks AR, Heinze D, Perrin L, Stoklosa J, Hoffmann AA, Van Rooyen A, Kelly T, Mansergh I 2017

Why you cannot transform your way out of trouble for small counts. Biometrics

Warton DI 2017

Adult dietary protein has age- and context-dependent effects on male post-copulatory performance. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 30(9):1633-1643

Macartney EL, Crean AJ, Bonduriansky R 2017

Functional and structural responses to marine urbanisation. Environmental Research Letters

Mayer-Pinto M, Cole V, Johnston E, Bugnot A, Hurst H, Airoldi L, Glasby T, Dafforn K 2017

Increases in CO<inf>2</inf>from past low to future high levels result in “slower” strategies on the leaf economic spectrum. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 29:41-50

Temme AA, Liu JC, van Hal J, Cornwell WK, Cornelissen JHC, Aerts R 2017

Does the morphology of animal foraging pits influence secondary seed dispersal by ants? Austral Ecology 42(8):920-928

Radnan GN, Eldridge DJ 2017

Phytoplankton absorption predicts patterns in primary productivity in Australian coastal shelf waters. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 192:1-16

Robinson CM, Cherukuru N, Hardman-Mountford NJ, Everett JD, McLaughlin MJ, Davies KP, Van Dongen-Vogels V, Ralph PJ, Doblin MA 2017

Nonindependence and sensitivity analyses in ecological and evolutionary meta-analyses. Molecular Ecology 01 Jan 2017

Noble DWA, Lagisz M, O'dea RE, Nakagawa S 2017

Task-oriented interventions for children with developmental co-ordination disorder. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2017(7)

Miyahara M, Hillier SL, Pridham L, Nakagawa S 2017

Ecological release from aquatic predation is associated with the emergence of marine blenny fishes onto land. American Naturalist 189(5):570-579

Ord TJ, Summers TC, Noble MM, Fulton CJ 2017