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The nutritional geometry of parental effects: Maternal and paternal macronutrient consumption and offspring phenotype in a neriid fly. Functional Ecology

Bonduriansky R, Runagall-Mcnaull A, Crean AJ 2016

Safety in numbers: the dilution effect and other drivers of group life in the face of danger. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 70(4):449-458

Lehtonen J, Jaatinen K 2016

Promoting transparency in evolutionary biology and ecology. Systematic Botany 41(3)

Smith JF, Parker TH, Nakagawa S, Gurevitch J 2016

Four new species, first Australian records and review of the Phorticine genus Rhamphocoris, and key to Genera and review of Australian Nabidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Nabidae). Entomologica Americana 122(1):169-198

Cassis G 2016

The interplay between habitat structure and chemical contaminants on biotic responses of benthic organisms. PeerJ 2016(5)

Mayer-Pinto M, Matias MG, Coleman RA 2016

Taking the elephant out of the room and into the corridor: can urban corridors work? ORYX 1-7

Adams TSF, Chase MJ, Rogers TL, Leggett KEA 2016

Three points to consider when choosing a LM or GLM test for count data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7(8):882-890

Warton DI, Lyons M, Stoklosa J, Ives AR, Schielzeth H 2016

Promoting transparency in conservation science. Conservation Biology.  30: 1149-1150

Parker, T. H., Main, E., Nakagawa, S., Gurevitch, J., Jarrod, F. & Burgman, M 2016

Plants show more flesh in the tropics: Variation in fruit type along latitudinal and climatic gradients. Ecography.


Chen, S. C., W. K. Cornwell, H. X. Zhang and A. T. Moles 2016

Global patterns in the effects of predator declines on sea urchins. Ecography.

Sheppard-Brennand, H., S. A. Dworjanyn and A. G. B. Poore 2016