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The reciprocal relationship between competition and intraspecific trait variation. Journal of Ecology 104(5): 1410-1420.

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Does size matter? Examining the drivers of mammalian vocalizations. Evolution.

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Sex-specific survival to maturity and the evolution of environmental sex determination. Evolution 70(2):329-341

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Response of riparian vegetation in Australia's largest river basin to inter and intra-annual climate variability and flooding as quantified with Landsat and MODIS. International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences - ISPRS Archives. 41: 577-578

Broich M, Tulbure MG 2016

High sea surface temperatures driven by a strengthening current reduce foraging success by penguins. Sci Rep 6:22236

Carroll G, Everett JD, Harcourt R, Slip D, Jonsen I 2016

Responses of ghost crabs to habitat modification of urban sandy beaches. Marine Environmental Research 116:32-40

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The Lambert W function in ecological and evolutionary models. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7(9):1110-1118

Lehtonen J, Rees M 2016

Statistical Quantification of Individual Differences (SQuID): An educational and statistical tool for understanding multilevel phenotypic data in linear mixed models. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

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Corrigendum: Australian sea-floor survey data, with images and expert annotations. Sci Data 3: 160113

Bewley, M., A. Friedman, R. Ferrari, N. Hill, R. Hovey, N. Barrett, E. M. Marzinelli, O. Pizarro, W. Figueira, L. Meyer, R. Babcock, L. Bellchambers, M. Byrne and S. B. Williams 2016

Revision and phylogeny of the fern-inhabiting genus felisacus distant (Insecta: Heteroptera: Miridae: Bryocorinae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2016-June(403): 1-168.

Namyatova, A. A. and G. Cassis 2016