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Fiddler crab spatial distributions are influenced by physiological stressors independent of sympatric interactions. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 491:19-26

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Nanostructural and mechanical property changes to spider silk as a consequence of insecticide exposure. Chemosphere 181:241-249

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Ontogenetic shift toward stronger, tougher silk of a web-building, cave-dwelling spider. Journal of Zoology 01 Jan 2017

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Sex-biased transcriptome divergence along a latitudinal gradient. Molecular Ecology 26(5):1256-1272

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Ontogenetic timing as a condition-dependent life history trait: High-condition males develop quickly, peak early, and age fast. Evolution 71(3):671-685

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Adult dietary protein has age- and context-dependent effects on male post-copulatory performance. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 30(9):1633-1643

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Multiple stressors in sediments impact adjacent hard substrate habitats and across biological domains. Science of The Total Environment, 592, pp 295–305

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Clarity of objectives and working principles enhances the success of biomimetic programs. Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 12(5):11

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