Recognition of Research Excellence

Each year, the E&ERC confers a series of research awards for outstanding performance in that year. Nominations are now open for the E&ERC Research Excellence Awards for 2016.

The full list of awards:

  • Outstanding Evolution and Ecology (Postgraduate) Researcher of 2016 *nomination form
  • Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Student Paper of 2016 *nomination form
  • Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Thesis of 2016  *nomination form
  • Outreach and Communication in Evolution and Ecology *nomination form
  • Outstanding E&ERC (Postgraduate) Graphic
  • E&ERC Supervisor Excellence Award
  • E&ERC Citation Classic Award
  • E&ERC Impact Paper Award
  • E&ERC Significant Collaboration Award

Nominate yourself, your colleagues and email your nominations to by Friday 17 February 2017. The winners will be announced at a special ceremony in early March.

Previous Winners

Outstanding Evolution and Ecology (Postgraduate) Researcher
2015 Nathan Burke
2014 Si-Chong Chen
2013 Rhiannon Dalrymple
2012 Habacuc Flores Moreno
2010 Tiffanie Nelson; Special Mention: Alexandra Campbell
2009 Alex Jordan
2008 Matthew Hall, Katherine Dafforn

Crispin Rice Prize for Outreach and Communication in Evolution and Ecology
2014 Nathan Burke
2013 Tempe Adams
2012 Margo Adler
2011 Toni Ferrara (Williams)
2010 Lyndon Alexander Jordan

Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Student Paper
2015 Si-Chong Chen
2014 Francis Hui
2013 Joshua Griffiths
2012 Catherine Price
2011 Graeme Clark
2010 Fiona Thomson
2009 Lee Rollins
2008 Matthew Hall

Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Thesis
2015 Rhiannon Dalrymple
2014 Marlee Tucker
2013 Katelyn Edge
2012 Margo Adler
2011 Lyndon Alexander Jordan and Laura Warman
2010 Louise MacKenzie
2008 David Roberts

Outstanding Evolution and Evolution (Postgraduate) graphic
2015 Stephanie Brodie
2014 Rhiannon Dalrymple

E&ERC Citation Classic Award
2015 Michael Kasumovic - 39 Web of Science, 48 Google Scholar - Lailvaux SP, Kasumovic, MM ,Defining individual quality over lifetimes and selective contexts,Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 278 (1704, 321-328)
2013 Will Cornwell - 74 citations in Web of Science - Cornwell, William K.,et al. "Plant species traits are the predominant control on litter decomposition rates within biomes worldwide."Ecology Letters 11.10 (2008): 1065-1071
2012 David Warton - 44 web of knowledge citations - Warton, David I.; Hui, Francis K.C. The arcsine is asinine: the analysis of proportions in ecology. ECOLOGY 92:1, 3-10    2011  DOI:10.1890/10-0340.1

E&ERC Impact Paper Award
2014 Angela Crean - Crean AJ, Kopps AM & Bonduriansky R (2014) Revisiting telegony: offspring inherit an acquired characteristic of their mother's previous mate. Ecology Letters 17: 1545-1552.
ERA A* IF 17.794 ISI Rank 2/141 in Ecology Altmetric Score 302
2013 Mike Garratt -Garratt M, Gaillard JM, Brooks RC, Lemaître JF. Diversification of the eutherian placenta is associated with changes in the pace of life. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 May 7;110(19):7760-5. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1305018110. Epub 2013 Apr 22. Impact factor 9.737
2012 Alistair Poore - Poore, AGB, AH Campbell, RA Coleman, GJ Edgar, V Jormalainen, PL Reynolds, EE Sotka, JJ Stachowicz, RB Taylor, MA Vanderklift and JE Duffy. 2012. Global patterns in the impact of marine herbivores on benthic primary producers. Ecology Letters 15: 912-922. ERA classification: A* Impact factor: 17.557 Ranking within discipline: 1st from 134 journals in Ecology

E&ERC Significant Collaboration Award
2015 Stephanie Brodie - Brodie, S, Hobday AJ, Smith JA, Everett JD, Taylor MD, Gray CA, Suthers IM, Modelling the oceanic habitats of two pelagic species using recreational fisheries data, Fisheries Oceanography, 24:5, 463-477
2012 Melanie Sun - Melanie Sun, Katherine Dafforn, Mark Brown and Emma Johnston - Sun MY, Dafforn KA, Brown MV & Johnston EL (2012) Bacterial communities are sensitive indicators of contaminant stress. Marine Pollution Bulletin 64(5): 1029-1038

E&ERC Supervisor Excellence Award
2015 - William Sherwin
2014 - Russell Bonduriansky - Special Mention to James Smith
2013 - Katherine Dafforn and Angela Moles
2012 - Rob Brooks
2011 - Emma Johnston
2010 - Russell Bonduriansky
2009 - Peter Banks


PRF - Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Presentation

  • Awarded to an outstanding oral presentation at the BEES Postgraduate Research Forum.
  • The outstanding presentation will be selected by a panel of academics, research fellows and postgraduate students. All students presenting in a given forum will be considered for the prize.

November 2016 Teagan Gale
Joint runners-up: Rose O'Dea and Robbie Bishop Taylor
June 2016 Hamish Craig

November 2015 Floret Meredith
June 2015 Kobe Martin
Runner-up: Nathan Burke

November 2014 Joshua Griffiths
June 2014 Andrew Letten
November 2013 Suzanna Evans
June 2013 Si-Chong Chen
November 2012 Habacuc Flores Moreno
June 2012 Rhiannon Dalrymple
November 2011 Margo Adler
October 2010 Tegan Vanderlaan and Tiffanie Nelson
June 2010 Mailie Gall
October 2009 Ray Blick
June 2009 Lyndon Alexander Jordan
October 2008 Laura Warman