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Behaviour and Evolution
UNSW | Sydney, Australia


We are am always looking for good people to join our team.
If you are interested, send Terry an email.
Honours students and undergraduate research experience

Potential honours projects can be found here.

BUT you don't have to wait until your honours year to get involved! There are undergraduate volunteers on most field projects and help is always needed in the lab, from video editing to image analysis. Take advantage of those gaps in your class schedule to get some hands-on experience working in a research lab.

Postgraduate students

Enquires from potential Masters or PhD students - from Australia or overseas - are welcome.

In general, postgraduate students come up with their own research projects, which may or may not relate to ongoing projects currently done in the lab. Much of what we do is based in the field. People often have a romantic view of doing field research, but the reality is doing science in 'the wild' is often difficult!

Regardless, creativity is key to good science with attention to detail coming a close second. Students will be expected to write up their research for publication as they go. The best outcome to aim for is a few strong, exciting publications appearing in international journals rather than many mediocre papers in small journals. Reputations are made from solid papers, not from long publication lists!


Send Terry an email if you are interested in joining the lab as a postdoc.

There are a number of potential avenues for funding; e.g., fellowships through the National Science Foundation (those applicants from America) or the Australian Research Council (DECRA or Endeavour).

I am open to hosting postdocs that have their own independent research programs.