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25 June 2013

Findings by A/Prof Alistair Poore and colleagues suggest climate change may affect how much marine grazers eat, altering the ecology of environments such as coral reefs....

18 June 2013

State governments in Queensland, NSW and Victoria have rapidly rolled back nearly two centuries of protection of national parks, writes Associate Professor Emma Johnston and colleagues.

4 June 2013

Jason Collins and Rob Brooks write about the ever-changing human family in This View of Life.

4 June 2013

Technology that allows people to don the skin of a dark-skinned avator could significantly decrease an individual's racial biases, writes Michael Kasumovic.

4 June 2013

Catching the attention of female lizards in a darkened rainforest amid a blur of windblown vegetation is no easy task.

Many children
28 May 2013

The results from a study based on the association between number of children and mortality of mothers published late last year prompted Rob Brooks to write the following story in The Conversation...

23 May 2013

A new study has found a link between the upper-body strength of men and their attitudes to the redistribution of income and wealth in modern society, writes Professor Rob Brooks.

22 May 2013

Five early-stage researchers have taken part in the NSW state finals of the Fresh Science competition, learning how best to communicate their science to journalists, business and the public.

Evolution of lying
16 May 2013

Ultimately, our ability to convincingly lie to each other may have evolved as a direct result of our cooperative nature.

7 May 2013

New analysis, by lead author Stephen Wroe, suggests that Australian megafauna were wiped out by climate change in the late...