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11 July 2013
Hopping does not help Australian marsupials save energy; instead the physical feat requires the aerobic capacity of a super-athlete, UNSW research presented at a scientific meeting shows.
1 July 2013

A bizarre, pouched super-predator that terrorised South America millions of years ago had huge sabre-like teeth but its bite was weaker than that of a domestic cat, new research shows.

28 June 2013

The Faculty of Science has performed strongly to help secure UNSW the highest level of funding in the state for Linkage Project grants from the Australian Research Council.

26 June 2013

After 5 state finals involving 60 young scientists and 15 journalists, 12 national finalists will compete in Fresh Science competition in July.

26 June 2013

Remnant anatomical features from our caveman days not only provide insights into our evolutionary past, they may not be as useless as once thought, writes Associate Professor Darren Curnoe.

25 June 2013

Findings by A/Prof Alistair Poore and colleagues suggest climate change may affect how much marine grazers eat, altering the ecology of environments such as coral reefs....

18 June 2013

State governments in Queensland, NSW and Victoria have rapidly rolled back nearly two centuries of protection of national parks, writes Associate Professor Emma Johnston and colleagues.

4 June 2013

Jason Collins and Rob Brooks write about the ever-changing human family in This View of Life.

4 June 2013

Technology that allows people to don the skin of a dark-skinned avator could significantly decrease an individual's racial biases, writes Michael Kasumovic.

4 June 2013

Catching the attention of female lizards in a darkened rainforest amid a blur of windblown vegetation is no easy task.