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7 May 2013

New analysis, by lead author Stephen Wroe, suggests that Australian megafauna were wiped out by climate change in the late...

Body size
29 April 2013

Study led by E&ERC's Barnaby Dixson has found that men with heavy stubble (10 days growth) to be the most attractive.

27 April 2013

Wonderful article in SMH by Nicky Phillips, discussing the animals and plants that have thrived in our city as a result of human settlement.

12 April 2013

It’s probably a truism to suggest that the study of human evolution gets more that its fair share of media attention and hype.

9 April 2013

Genitalia tend to vary more dramatically than other physical traits and evolutionary biology has made stunning progress in resolving why, writes Professor Rob Brooks.

20 March 2013

A new study on the dispersal of fish larvae has reignited a debate on the science behind marine parks.

E&ERC's Emma Johnston provides comment for this article in ABC Science.

15 March 2013

Dr James Smith, E&ERC Research Fellow writes for The Conversation on the sustainability of seafood.

12 March 2013

The winners of the 2012 E&ERC Research Excellenc Awards were announced at the E&ERC Welcome Back Event on Friday 8 March, 2013.

Chris Setio
26 February 2013

E&ERC PhD student Chris Setio and his colleagues from UNSW release 30 bags of prawns into Layke Tyers in Victoria

20 February 2013

A study by Michael Kasumovic (UNSW) and Frank Seebacher (Usyd) finds that fitness is key in spider sex.