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5 September 2013

The explanation for why women orgasm could be as simple as it being a pleasant reward for doing what is good for the species, writes Professor Rob Brooks.

5 September 2013

Research projects on evolution and dingoes have won Professor Rob Brooks and Dr Mike Letnic prestigious Australian Museum Eureka Prizes.

5 September 2013

Dr Nikolai Tatarnic and Professor Gerry Cassis received a great write up in Nature for their paper that was published in American Naturalist on two species of Tahitian plant bugs that practice...

27 August 2013

Three research students studying stingrays, pollution in Antarctica, and early signs of empathy in babies have each won $5000 in the UNSW Science Postgraduate Research Competition.

20 August 2013

Dr Nikolai Tatarnic has an exceptional paper that he has co-authored with Professor Gerry Cassis in The American Naturalist.

15 August 2013

News just in, guaranteed to stir smug nods from non-believers and incite irritation among the devout: intelligence correlates negatively with religious belief.

15 August 2013

National Science Week opened on a high note with an evening of music, comedy and scientific insights at the world’s first IFLS Live! event, co-partnered by UNSW Science.

14 August 2013
For sea squirts the key to a long and happy life is to be fertilized not by a fast sperm, but by one that stands the test of time, research by Dr Angela Crean has revealed.
8 August 2013

Jumping spiders are unique in the spider world as they don’t build webs – they’re active visual predators who rarely use silk.

7 August 2013

An evening of science and humour with some of the world’s top online science communication celebrities - including Facebook phenomenon, Elise Andrew –  will be a highlight of National Science Week...