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9 November 2016

An analysis of the health of highly impacted coral reefs off Singapore during a 27-year long period has shown they are more resilient to the impacts of human activity and warming than expected.

7 November 2016

Research across climate change, alien virus invasions, the incorrect use of child restraints and improved services for at-risk rural youth are among 109 UNSW projects awarded more than $47.8...

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4 November 2016

Congratulations to all the students who presented at this week’s BEES Postgraduate Research Forum.

A special mention to the winners of the following categories:

25 October 2016

An art installation celebrating a scientific project to replant forests of seaweed that disappeared from the Sydney coastline in the 1980s is a feature of this year’s Sculpture by the Sea,...

18 October 2016

Australia needs the vision, evidence-based decision making, process and participation that scientist leaders offer, writes Emma Johnston.

29 September 2016

For their cutting edge research on anxiety disorders in women and urbanisation of the marine environment, two UNSW scientists have been recognised...

20 September 2016

It's Spring, and time for four in five research funding applicants to hear the words, sorry, it's a no go, writes Rob Brooks.