Kingsley Griffin
PhD Alumni
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Member of the Subtidal Ecology and Ecotoxicology Research Group

Mapping distribution and stress effects in Sydney Harbour marine habitat.

Sydney Harbour is a globally iconic site where centuries of human development interact with a diverse, urbanised, shoreline. Understanding the distribution of reef habitat is essential to most effectively manage this complex waterway.

My project aims to utilise current imaging technology and spatial analyses to map and assess shallow sub-tidal reef distribution, and the state of marine habitat in the harbour.

So far, a technique using diver propulsion vehicles has allowed us to complete transects up to 2km in length at sites around the harbour. Along each of these transects, we captured hundreds of high-resolution photo quadrats. I’ll then be digitized these quadrats using semi-automated species identification strategies.

The resulting data will be analysed to assess and model species distributions, habitat heterogeneity and fragmentation, and the effects of a range of threats and stressors on these habitats.

This project is a collaboration between the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) and the Catlin Seaview Survey. Selected images from this survey will be available for public interaction on Google Earth.

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