Silkworm silk fibres: Structures, properties and new applications

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15 November 2017
11 am

Rountree Room, D26

Dr Rangam Rajkhowa
Deakin University

Silk group at Institute of Frontier Materials (IFM) conducts research into the silkworm silk cocoon, silk fibre structure and properties, silk fibroin based biomaterials and silk powders. The presentation will cover the protective properties of cocoon shells of both domestic and wild silkworm silks. The differences in physical, mechanical and chemical properties of four commercial silk varieties will be discussed. The regeneration of silk into various new material formats such as membranes, nano fibres, and particles and their prospective applications will be covered. IFM work on silk based tympanic membrane and production and applications of silk powder will be highlighted in the presentation.


Dr Rangam Rajkhowa received his bachelor degree in Textile Technology from Anna University, master degree in Fibre Science and Technology from IIT Delhi and PhD in Engineering from Deakin University. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow in Green Natural Fibres at the Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University. He has Research, Teaching and Industry experience.  

Dr Rajkhowa has research interests in the areas of structure, properties and processing of natural fibres, more specifically silk, spinning, fibre powders, biomedical and new applications of natural fibres. He is CI in ARC DP, ARC LP and ARC Future Fibres Hub. He also leads Cotton Research and Development Corporation and Cotton Incorporated sponsored projects. Dr Rajkhowa is a member of the Deakin Team that received the H&M foundation Global Change Award in 2017.

This seminar is hosted by Dr Sean Blamires