PhD Exit Seminar: Aria Lee and Kingsley Griffin

Event type: 
9 November 2018
3pm - 4pm

Mathews Theatre D, UNSW

Aria Lee and Kingsley Griffin
E&ERC PhD Candidates

When to settle down, have babies and discover your exotic identity: Patterns in recruitment and reproduction in non-indigenous sessile biota – Aria Lee

My research centred on invasive species inhabiting coastal areas with a high density of anthropogenic structures. In particular, I focused on sessile invertebrate communities from Gulf St Vincent, South Australia, using experimental and descriptive methods. My main species of interests were invasive asicidians such as Ciona intestinalis, and invasive polychaete worms such as the European fanworm , Sabella spallanzanii. I also discovered the presence of Branchiomma and Parasabella polychaetes in Gulf St Vincent, previously unknown to the area. Using molecular and morphological analyses, I identified these species and suggest the origins of these worms.

Using seascape ecology to explore human impacts in marine ecosystems – Kingsley Griffin

Recent technological developments have increased our ability to collect observations in marine ecosystems. With these developments comes the potential to more accurately discern spatial and temporal patterns and ultimately, to better-understand the effect of compounding anthropogenic stressors. In my thesis I applied seascape scale data collection and analytical approaches to untangle relationships between environmental and human-mediated drivers in a range of marine habitats.