Danielle Klomp
PhD Alumni
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The role of communication in the evolution and speciation of Malaysian gliding lizards (Genus Draco)

Communication is an integral component of an animal’s ecology, affecting territory ownership and reproductive success. Among other questions, I am testing how the sensory drive hypothesis, which proposes that speciation could result from natural selection for effective communication with conspecifics, relates speciation to habitat diversification. Gliding lizards, Draco spp., are an ideal group to test this and other communication hypotheses as they have strikingly different body colouration (specifically regions used in signalling) as well as different behaviours for communication and are found in diverse habitats within a small geographic range.

Lab Group Evolution and Ecology Research Centre

See also Behaviour and Evolution Lab

Supervisor - Dr Terry Ord

Co-Supervisor - Dr Devi Stuart-Fox (Univeristy of Melbourne)